Real estate industry

Property managers, private owners, local government units and representatives of the Treasury have in their resource properties, which official figures are constantly changing.

Properties are sold, divided or merged, perpetual usufruct, rented or leased. Property rights pass from owner to owner, technical documentation, unfortunately, not always.

In terms of real estate, we offer first of all:

- examination of formal and legal status of real estate,
- Drawing up an inventory of architectural and construction
- Valuation of real estate

Use buildings

Building Act requires the owner or property manager a lot of responsibilities during its use. Often, in order to fulfill the obligations arising from the said act, it is necessary to help people with the appropriate permissions. This applies not only residential, but industrial and economic. In this regard, we also provide the service by inspectors with the requisite legal authority to exercise control of the technical maintenance of buildings.

As part of technical support on existing buildings, we first of all:

- establishment and maintenance of books, buildings,
- Inspection of buildings,
- Drawing up the timetable necessary repairs,
- Technical assistance in the implementation and acceptance of construction works,
- Control of repair costs of buildings,