Planning and realization construction investments

Correct, safe and lawful to carry out the construction project or a more complex construction for many investors is completely new, unique and one-time experience.

Construction Law lists the participants of the construction process in the first place of the Investor, as the person responsible for a number of formalities connected with the building work or construction works. It is interesting that other participants in the construction process must meet a number of statutory assumptions and demonstrate the appropriate education and practice to perform their functions. The investor, however, despite considerable financial responsibility and not only financial, it can show the ignorance of construction or construction law. Unfortunately, the obligations under the Act continues to fulfill its obligations, and consequently and responsibility.

Depending on the complexity of the project a good option, in order to sustain the burden associated with the implementation of a construction project is to hire a surveyor investor or project manager (Projektmanagera), who will act on behalf of the investor.

Project manager starts its activities and cooperate with the investor already in the initial phase of an investment project. Its functions include advising on and determining the appropriateness of the investment. Then prepare based on the expectations and guidelines of the Investor program-spatial concept, determines the demand for utilities (water, electricity, sewage, waste, etc.). The next stage in the activities of the project manager is to gather information and documents necessary for design and selection of the design office. During the work associated with the implementation of construction and architectural design is necessary to obtain building permits, coordinates the work of checking the course of studies with the expectations of the investor and technical regulations. After approval of the project and obtaining building permits the project manager draws up schedules for the project and tender documents in order to select the contractor of the works.

Supervisor investor starts its operation as late as after the completion of projects and monitors compliance with the approved course work by the developer project.

The planning and implementation of construction projects mainly offer:

- the organization of the construction process,
- Technical assistance,
- Participation in administrative proceedings,
- Tendering,
- Negotiations with contractors design and construction,
- Drawing up estimates of investor (also according to the PPLA),
- Members of an investor's inspector.